May 2016 Project: Image 1
May 2016 Project: Image 2

MAY 31, 2016


Our client's original GE Series 6 PLC sequence control had become unreliable and was no longer supported. These units serve as on call peaking units and must reliably start, sync and reach full load in a maximum of ten minutes. To date the control has accomplished this in consistently under six minutes.

Northwest Electrical Services performed this project turn-key. Each Unit was equipped with a new Local Control Panel. The replacement consisted of Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, Basler DECS-250 AVR and sync-check, SEL 700G Generator Protection and Sycnchronizer, WonderWare 15” HMI, Analog Metering and Electroswitch control switches.

In addition, new HMI’s were provided in the Control Room and a Server Historian located remotely. The SEL 700G relays were connected via fiber serial links to the customer’s SEL RTAC and SCADA.

Industrial Cisco Switches were provided at each Local Panel and at the Server location. Redundant fiber and copper topology was utilized in communications between the PLC, HMI’s, Server and single copper ModbusTCP to the IED’s.

Turnkey project included:

  • Design
  • Programming
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Commissioning and certified testing
  • Complete documentation package and test records