April 2016 Project: Image 1

APRIL 30, 2016


Northwest Electrical Services LLC provided a turnkey control system upgrade for two Allison 6.0 MW 571 split shaft turbines generators for the City of Vernon, California. The system resulted in a one button automatic start to full load within 5 minutes.

Major components of the upgrade included the Design Engineering, Assembly, Factory Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Training, Warranty, Spare Parts and Maintenance of the following:

  • Voltage control utilizing Basler DECS250, including raise lower switches, lights, lockout switches, breaker control switches and Auto/Manual Switch, and pilot lights
  • Replace existing synchronizer and utilize SEL-700GT for synchronization
  • Replace analog gauges for Generator Volts, Bus Volts, Amps, Sync Scope, Generator Frequency, Bus Frequency, Power and Power Factor, Exciter volts and Exciter Amps
  • Replace all protection devices with new SEL-700GT, incorporating the existing SEL-300G as part of the protection scheme, with consultation from SEL Engineering
  • Fuel Control System (TCSD) includes the supply of a complete spare TCSD system, and on site health check with TCSD Designer assistance for Units’ 1 and 2 existing TCSD components
  • Replace analog gages for MGT, N1 and N2 temperatures. Existing temperature monitoring system to be replaces by PLC inputs and HMI screen depicting individual temperatures and average temperature
  • Unit Sequencing Control utilizing Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC and Input / Output modules (including 10% spare capacity on supplied modules) to replace existing GE Series 6 PLC for Turbine, Gearbox and Generator and Gas Systems for Leaks and Monitoring
  • Wired Remote Station for the Control Room for each unit with Start, Stop and E-Stop buttons and indicating lights for ready to start and running