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MARCH 30, 2015


Turn-key project to acquire, install and test protective relays at a secure government facility in order for the facility to meet current utility standards. The project requires an upgrade and replacement of existing relays with SEL microprocessor relays in the two Utility Mains, Bus Tie and Generator Mains. The project included engineering services to design and install new microprocessor relays with on-site commissioning and testing services. Components of the upgrade included SEL-751 Relays, RTAC and SEL Team Software.


  • Acquire accurate panel door measurements, trace/analyze existing drawings
  • Design eight new relay panel doors with new SEL relays, indicating lights, control switches and analog meters
  • Provide eight blank panel doors with pre-cut holes for mounting on doors with simulation switches and re-use existing wiring
  • Program all relays with overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, directional overcurrent, and reverse power elements
  • Program RTAC for SCADA data collection and local Human Machine Interface (HMI) accessible from existing network
  • Create panel layout drawings, AC/DC schematics, and wiring diagrams for new equipment
  • Functional test all relays, wiring, HMI, and SCADA communications prior to cutover
  • Work closely assigned coordination study preparer for relay settings of SEL-751 microprocessor relays
  • All work shall be completed per NETA, NEC and local authorities having jurisdiction