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DECEMBER 16, 2014


Northwest Electrical Services LLC together with Siemens Energy and ABB, was contracted to design modifications to a system to allow grid tie operations for a previously supplied Tiebreaker synchronization system for a major client in Australia. The previously supplied system designed and built by Northwest Electrical Services, was for island operation only. The original project consisted of three synchronization panels, with the requirements to utilize Woodward Master Synchronizing and Load Control units (MSLCs) and interface with generator Digital Synchronizing and Load Control units (DSLCs). The system required coordination and communication between 8 MSLCs in a challenging scheme not before utilized in an MSLC configuration. While the client specification for the project specified various operational and international code requirements, Northwest Electrical Services LLC proposed and ultimately provided an innovative flexible solution incorporating PLC control and touch screen HMIs, allowing for future expansion and changes to operational requirements. Our solution provided the following modifications to this previously supplied Northwest Electrical Services system to incorporate the ability to grid tie to the utility:

• Addition of two Woodward Utility MSLC’s for each of the three existing panels. Two grid tie incomers are added in Phase 2
• Programming and configuration of the new MSLC units
• Modifications to existing PLC program and HMI graphics
• Modification of the existing network switches to incorporate the new devices
• Interface with SCADA system via Modbus for status and control

The system was designed, documented and released to the client in Q4 2014. It is anticipated that Northwest Electrical Services will participate in the commissioning of the modifications.